ESR Facility - Department of Chemistry


11 August 2017: Prof. Jonathan Baugh, Univeristy of Waterloo, Toronto, CANADA - Optimal quantum control for spin qubits with ESR ( 11 a.m. John Rowlinson Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory).

29 June 2017: Prof. Jishan Wu, National University of Singapore - From Open-Shell Singlet Diradicaloids to Polyradicaloids ( 11 a.m. John Rowlinson Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory).

2-6 April 2017: RSC ESR conference, Oxford Univ., 31 Jan. submission deadline (link)

23 March 2017: Prof. Malcolm D.E. Forbes, Bowling Green State Univ., USA - Photons, Fluids, Bubbles and Beer: Using Free Radicals to Understand the Universe (4:00 p.m. in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

28 Feb 2017: Prof Victor Henner, Univ. Louisville, USA; Perm State Univ., RUSSIA - Classical and quantum simulation of spin dynamics: applications to fast coherent relaxation in systems of nanomagnets and to several NMR systems. (11am in the Materials Department, 12/13 Parks Road )

30 Jan 2017: Prof. Wilfred Hagen, TU Delft - Broadband CW-EPR. (12pm in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

16 Jan 2017: Leah R. Weiss, Sir Richard Friend group; Cambridge Univ. - Probing Exchange Coupling of Triplet Excitons in Organic Semiconductors. (12pm in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

1 Dec 2016: Prof. Bo Albinsson; Chalmers Univ. of Tech, Sweden - Delocalization and Electron Transfer in Conjugated Systems (4:00pm in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

28 Nov 2016: David Goodwin; University of Southampton - Optimal Control Pulse Formation in ESR (12:00pm in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

8 Nov 2016: Prof Snorri Sigurdsson; University of Iceland - Stable radicals for EPR and NMR spectroscopies (2:00pm in the Wolfson Seminar Room, CRL)

17 Oct 2016: Prof. Christiane Timmel, Chemistry Dept., Oxford University - Transient ESR (9:00am in F20, ICL)

13 Oct 2016: Prof. Peter Hore, Chemistry Dept., Oxford University - Introduction to Spin Chemistry (3:00pm in the John Rawlinson Seminar Room, PTCL)

06 Oct 2016: Mr. David Franke, TU Munich - Electrical Detection of Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Spins in Silicon (12:00pm in the Phront)



3-7 April 2016: RSC ESR conference, Essex Univ., 1 Feb. submission deadline (link)

15 Feb 2015: Michael Slota, Dr. Lapo Bogani Group, Materials Dept., Oxford University - Characterization of Photoactive and Molecular Magnetic Materials (11:00am in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

7 Dec 2015: Dr Kourosh Honarmand Ebrahimi, Prof. Fraser Armstrong Group, Oxford University - Unity in biochemistry of iron-storage protein ferritin (11:00am in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

23 Nov 2015:  [ CANCELLED ] Dr Alice Bowen, Prof. Thomas Prisner Group, Goethe Universität - Introduction and Developments in Double Electron-Electron Resonance

9 Nov 2015: Prof Dr Arzhang Ardavan, University of Oxford - ESR in Quantum Information Processing (11:00am in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

26 Oct 2015: Prof Dr Chris Timmel, University of Oxford - Transient ESR (11:00am in the Abbott's Kitchen, ICL)

18 June 2015: Prof Dr Joris van Slageren, University of Stuttgart - Quantum coherence in molecular nanomagnets (14:15 in the Audrey Wood Seminar Room, Clarendon Laboratory)

3 June 2015: Shu-hao Liou, University of California, Davis - Using Double Electron Electron Resonance to study P450s solution structure with reductase and ligands (10 am in the Chapel, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)

29 Mar to 2 Apr 2015: RSC-ESR conference, Southampton, UK.

12 Feb 2015: Mark Oxborrow, Department of Materials, Imperial College - Cryogenic amplification at room temperature: the pentacene:p-terphenyl MASER (2:15 pm in the Clarendon Laboratory (Physics) )

19 Jan 2015: Dr. Lauren Jarocha; Peter Hore group, Univ. of Oxford - Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Phase and Equilibrium Behavior of Catanionic Mixtures of SDS-DTAC (9.15 in Abbott's Kitchen, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)

11 Dec 2014: Professor R. David Britt; University of California, Davis;  Biosynthesis of the Catalytic H-Cluster of (FeFe) Hydrogenase (15.30 in ICL Lecture Theatre, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)

24 Nov 2014: Privatdozent Dr. Erik Schleicher; Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg - Radicals and Radical Pairs in Flavoproteins (11.00 in Abbott's Kitchen, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)

06 Nov 2014: Prof. Val Vardeny; Distinguished Professor, University of Utah, USA - The Organic Magnetic Field Effect; Physics and Applications (14.00 in John Rowlinson Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory)

16 Sept 2014: Gail Fanucci; Professor of Physical Chemistry at Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, USA - Elucidating Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in HIV-1 Protease and Dynamics of the Glycine Riboswitch (14.00 in Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building)

19 June 2014: Prof. Dr. Frank Neese; Direktor der Molekulare Theorie und Spektroskopie in Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Energiekonversion (14.00 in the JSR, PTCL)

12 Feb 2014: One day ESR symposium at Manchester,

14 Feb 2014 Prof. Ron Naaman; Dept. Chemical Physics, Weizmann Inst.; The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity effect. From Electron Transfer in Biology to Spintronics (11.15 in the JSR, PTCL)

05 Mar 2014: Dr. Alice Bowen; Dept. of Physics, Oxford; TBA (9am in the IT Suite, PTCL)

10 Mar 2014: Dr. Frank Vollmer; Max Planck Inst., Erlangen, Ger., - Taking detection to the limit: biosensing with optical microcavities. (14.15 in the PTCL Lecture Theatre)

12 Mar 2014: Sabine Richert; Dept. of Chemistry, Oxford; TBA (9am in the IT Suite, PTCL)

07 Apr 2014: Prof. Michael R. Wasielewski; Northwestern Univ., Illinois, USA, - Integrated Molecular Systems for Artificial Photosynthesis. (11.00 in the ICL Theatre)

12 Dec 2013: Claudia Tait - EPR on triplet states of multi-porphyrin systems. (9.00 in the IT Suite, PTCL, Dept. of Chemistry)

04 Dec 2013: Dr. Kiminori Maeda - Spin-selective recombination reactions of radical pairs: experimental test of validity of reaction operators.  (9.00 in the IT Suite, PTCL, Dept. of Chemistry)

20 Nov 2013: Dr. William Myers - Some more points about Electron-Nuclear DOuble Resonance and 2-D Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation.  (9.00 in the IT Suite, PTCL, Dept. of Chemistry)

23 Oct 2013: Dr. Simon George - How Biology Assembles the FeFe Hydrogenase H-cluster: a Stopped-Flow IR and EPR/ENDOR Study. (9.30 in the Wolfson Seminar room, CRL, Dept. of Chemistry)

07 Oct 2013: David Reid - The calculation of NMR parameters for large molecules. (14.15 in the John Rowlinson Room, PTCL, Dept. of Chemistry)

20 Jun 2013:  Professor Mark Newton - Exploiting and understanding vacancy centres in diamond. (14.15 in the Audrey Wood Seminar Room, Department of Physics)

22 May 2013: Claudia Tait - EPR of triplet states in porphyrin nanowires and rings. (17.00 in the JSR Seminar Room, PTCL, Dept. of Chemistry)

05 Mar 2013: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory mini symposium on EPR - with talks by Prof Brian Hoffmann  and Dr Richard Layfield (Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry)