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Some Reference Books 

Pulse EPR methods 
• Principles of pulse electron paramagnetic resonance / Arthur Schweiger and Gunnar Jeschke, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001. 
General EPR Theory 
• Electron paramagnetic resonance : elementary theory and practical applications / John A. Weil, James R. Bolton, John E. Wertz., New York ; Chichester : Wiley, c1994 
• Principles of electron spin resonance / N.M. Atherton. New York : Ellis Horwood ; PTR Prentice Hall, 1993

• Introduction to Magnetic Resonance with Applications to Chemistry and Chemical Physics / Alan Carrington & Andrew D. Mclachlan, New York; Harper & Row, Publishers, 1967
• Electron paramagnetic resonance of transition ions / A. Abragam, B. Bleaney, New York : Dover Publications, 1986 
• Modern pulsed and continuous-wave electron spin resonance / edited by Larry Kevan, Michael K. Bowman, New York ; Chichester : Wiley, c1990 
• Foundations of modern EPR / Gareth R. Eaton, Sandra S. Eaton, Kev M. Salikhov., Singapore ; London : World Scientific, c1998
Selected Systems 
• Transition ion electron paramagnetic resonance / J.R. Pilbrow, Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1990 
• Electron paramagnetic resonance of exchange coupled systems / Alessandro Bencini, Dante Gatteschi, Berlin ; London : Springer-Verlag, c1990 
• Paramagnetic resonance of metallobiomolecules / Joshua Telser, editor; Washington, D.C. : American Chemical Society, c2003 
• Poole, C. Electron Spin Resonance a Comprehensive Treatise on Experimental Techniques, Editions 1,2: Interscience Publishers, New York, (1967), (1983). 



• The 40th Annual International Meeting of the Electron Spin Resonance Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry New College, Oxford 25-29 March 2007, see

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Some Organizations 
ESR group of the Royal Society of Chemistry 
COST P15 - Advanced paramagnetic resonance methods in molecular biophysics
EPR newsletter of the international EPR (ESR) society 
ISMAR - International Society of Magnetic Resonance 
AMPERE - The Ampere Group 
IES - The International EPR (ESR) Society
EFEPR - European Federation of EPR groups 
The Larmor Letter

Databases and Software 

Electron Spin Resonance Software Database
Spin-Trap Data Base (STDB) at NIEHS/NIH 

Bruker EPR Homepage
JEOL EPR Homepage

Extended Reference List 
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