ESR Facility - Department of Chemistry

Helium is available for purchase in 50, 100, and 120L dewars from the Oxford Cryomagnetics Group, which is under administrative control by the Physics department.  CAESR users should create their own recharge accounts for the helium by filling out the new user account form.  Please ask the CAESR manager for a brief safety introduction to familiarize yourself with the ICL liquid helium procedures.  Helium purchases are made directly from the cryomagnetics group, and orders should be placed at least 5 weekdays prior to scheduled instrument time.  Dewars are delivered and collected from the ICL.  To guarantee an early start, it is recommended to request delivery of you helium dewar on the day prior to EPR reservation.  Unused portions of liquid helium are deducted from the total cost.  Rates are set by periodic efficiency audits of the ICL gaseous helium return manifold by the cryomagnetics group staff.

Nitrogen is available at no cost from 200L dewars in the hallway adjoining the CAESR facility or directly above them on the 2nd floor.  These dewars are filled daily by the ICL facilities staff.  Small liquid N2 sample dewars are available for CAESR users, as demarcated in the wet lab.